About KPD Transport and Warehouse Overview

     Establishment of KPD Transport in 1995 with a mission to increasing the carrier car and truck transport service, KPD Transport will help to change your business for the better. After all our slogan is 'WE ARE EVERYWHERE YOU NEED US-BE THERE'.
     After all these years, KPD Transport is well respected with the reputation for providing customer-focused solutions, a quality through excellence approach and by collaborative work in reducing cost. We have a team of over 80 staff's professionals in transportation. We provide full range of transportation such as 4W pick up(Box), 6W-standard and jumbo truck(Box), 10W-standard(Box), Tractor head and Semi-Trailer serving our customers throughout the country. With over 2000 trips per month serving more than 19 foreign and domestic companies, KPD is expected to expand our goal that is providing cutomers with fully intergrated logistics with the best transport solution.
      In order to achieve our goal, in 2016, KPD has made another step further by looking towards warehousing. We realize that warehouse operation and storage can support business strategy at the end. Total area of 31 rais(54,400 sqm) consisted of 3 buildings each has 5,000 sqm of storing space including office area. Our main goal is to serve our customers needs of operating, storing and controlling their merchandise through WMS support. Working together with our transport service, KPD can assure the on time pick up of goods and deliveries. So think no further and let us KPD Logistics Warehouse and Transport help you with the best warehousing and distribution solution.